‘Samana is a pioneering duo; polymaths who integrate the creation of music, poetry, film and photography into one truly unique project’


“Somewhere between Nick Cave, Mazzy Star, Nick Drake and Sigur Ros, the music of Samana  has a unique spirit born from the nomadic existence of the founding duo that led them on a one-year journey across Europe. All their songs are written from the interpretation of dreams, ancient philosophical rituals, personal experiences with always genuine emotional honesty that drives the listener into completely unknown spheres. On stage, the duo's performances are intense and hypnotic.”

- L’ Ecran Du Son

“Samana has a rare power from other times, a seraphic atmosphere bordering on esotericism, a journey that evokes ancient beliefs, fallen civilisations where the gods were legions. It's an age-old album, carried by the aerial voices of Rebecca Rose Harris and Franklin Mockett, who oscillates between melancholic ballads and spiritual experiences. The recordings have a raw side, offering an exceptional sound, a magical nature that allows you to enter this world of life and death.”

- Can You Hear The Music?

"It is somehow reassuring that the human mind establishes, locates, references directly at first contact. Otherwise, one would be constantly speechless. The lister lands in the middle of nature. You feel stunned by the songs, but always make out the contours of touching melodies in the fog.Times burdened with all the civilisational gravity, sometimes free as a breeze, Samana have revealed the naturalness of their magnificent music”


“There are these voices that capture you at first hearing and are simply unique - Rebecca Rose Harris, the singer of Samana, has just one voice. Just that it sounds like a crossover of other iconic singers. The power of PJ Harvey can be heard in it, the deep sadness of Nico and the purity of the voice of Hope Sandoval, the Mazzy Star singer. Rebecca Harris' voice - that dark, sonorous voice that just can not get out of your head.”